Exclusive: Interiors & craft guru Marie Nichols

9 Dec

Marie Nichols - Interior extraordinaire

Ecclectic and heritage Brit interior stylist Marie Nichols uprooted to Austrailia to share her talents with Sydney – however now she’s back in the UK and we have her own line (‘The Shop at Number 57‘) of homewares and vintage treasures to look forward to.

Where did you grow up in England?
In a small village in Kent – (South East)

Describe your signature (decorating) style in 3 words.

Arrghh! I find it so hard to say what my style is – I think other peole (i.e. friends and family) can actually pinpoint my style better!  But I love colour, It’s pretty eccelectic because I love mixing old and new pieces and it’s far from minimal – I like “stuff”!

How do you plan out your design palette for each client?
I create moodboards for every shoot that I do. It helps clarify a look and feel of a room both for myself and for the client (in my case the client is generally a magazine editor rather than a homeowner.)

What are the main trends or influences that people ask for – or are excited by?
Because I tend to work for magazines rather than private clients the design briefs I’m given are normally either an upcoming trend, or how to resolve a problem so it’s a little different than designing for someones home. The trends that I work on tend to be lead by the sneaky press previews we get each season. So we may suddenly start to notice lots of stores and design houses producing designs/products in slate grey and we know that that will be a big trend so pull together a featured based on that.

What cemented your passion for the earthy, vintage, heritage style you have?
I’ve always loved “old stuff” and I like to be resourceful. We live in such a “throw away society” these days that I like to take a little of the resourcefulness that my grandparents showed and mix old with new. To me older pieces have more character and the older and more battered the better!

Any fabulous tips for arts and crafts?
Everyone is creative – don’t tell yourself you’re not. Keep reference of everything that inspires you, little projects you like,  and make time to sit down and have a go.

Three things you can never be without day-to-day.
My Laptop; my styling kit and my fella!

Do you have any festive craft ideas?
I have heaps! I’m going to be doing some on my blog over the next few weeks. But my biggest festive craft tip is never underestimate a piece of white paper. From simple white paperchains to snowflakes and cutout garlands, Five minutes with white paper and a pair of  scissors  and you can give anything a festive touch.

You can keep up-to-date with Marie’s musings and design triumph’s via her blog, or her website. (I urge you to take a peek at her portfolio on her site, there are some stunning images that would rattle up creativity in anyone.)

Magazine filing solution

Peonies - my favourite!

Vintage dream


3 Responses to “Exclusive: Interiors & craft guru Marie Nichols”

  1. Sarah December 22, 2010 at 8:05 pm #

    I love this, so many cool ideas, good interview!!


  1. A Christmas Card To You! « - December 22, 2010

    […] Another festive thank you goes to Ella who recently posted an interview with me here. […]

  2. A Christmas Card To You! « - December 22, 2010

    […] Another festive thank you goes to Ella who recently posted an interview with me here. […]

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