Sweetheart vintage jewellery frame

6 Dec

This is prodominently a craft piece for the danglies, studs have it easy and can sit in a pretty box. This idea was formed

Picture perfect earing holder

from gathering one too many frames from the charity shop – and a much needed storage solution for my jangly-dangly earings.

Inspiration:Vera Duckworth‘s washing line, vintage fading wallpaper, ceramic glaze prints, and framing beauty.

Project:Remove the card backing and glass from the frame and firmly tape two or three evenly spaced lines of string across the back of the frame. I used masking tape, but pvc tape works just as well. Using some old wallpaper, some fabric, a drawing or sketch, or simply some coloured card, trace round the frame with pencil to get the correct size you need (I used a sheet for an old ceramic glaze print.) Trim and blu-tac on to the back of the frame, leave the tape and blu-tac to harden for a few hours before testing out with your beautiful ear charms.

TOPTIP:A deep brown frame I believe looks best – and draws the eye more than a light pine. Hang amongst pretty photos and mirrors with a cheap cup hook. No heavy earings for this project, unless you’ve used a strong duck tape to secure the string in place.

For some reason the print I used reminds me of a family dinner in the 50’s:


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