My top 5 Men’s blogs!

6 Dec


After a chat with the boyfriend about a lack of blog’s by and for men – I decided to share some of the fabulous finds I’ve made over the years, gadgets, fashion, art, blogging is for everyone. Men listen up and take notice of these brilliant blogs:

  1. STREET ETIQUETTE – Two of the biggest names in the male blogging sphere are New York cool kids ‘Joshua Kissi’ and ‘Travis Gumbs’ – proud owners of the critically acclaimed blog site ‘Street Etiquette‘. The vision of the blog is pure unnadulterated style and talent, they enlist the help of photographers, designers and bloggers and the outcome is a mixture of vintage appreciation and swagger.
    Take a look here at a fabulous photography project the two dapper chaps did for black history month last year (2009.)
  2. THE ROGUE – Clean cut and stylish looking blog ‘The Rogue‘ is a son of online shopping giant a wide snapshot of fashion, news and features fill the blog pages of this well informed online publication. Basically if you want to keep on top of trends, current events and what the designers are saying to the male market this blog is perfect.
  3. LES GARCONS DE GLASGOW‘ – is a fabulously flamboyant and inspiring blog. These two fellows from the heart of Glasgow have designer connections nationwide and know how to work them. Features from fashion week or snapshots of street style they have their clever fingers on the pulse of fashion from high-end to high-street.
  4. WIRED BLOG – Guys love gadgets (full stop.) Wired magazine that launched last year (2009) also gave birth to an online version and a superb blog. It’s like nuts without the filth – my absolute favourite recent post is about a ‘Man crossing the UAE in a solar powered wheelchair.’
  5. WE COULD GROW UP TOGETHER – If you’re more excited by pictures than large blocks of text, subscribe to ‘We could grow up together‘ – globe trotting fashion photographer ‘Kwannam Chu’ photographs stunning set designs and props, and some of the coolest male models in some of the chicest ensembles. It’s like visual hot chocolate, nice to wake up to when you know the day ahead is full of lectures, work or cold weather.

3 Responses to “My top 5 Men’s blogs!”

  1. Les Garcons de Glasgow July 1, 2011 at 2:57 pm #

    Ah, thank you for listing Les Garcons de Glasgow. I’m really enjoying your blog too.

    • ellaouise July 2, 2011 at 7:28 am #

      You are most welcome! It’s a brilliant site! You should be very proud – I’ve passed it on to friends in Scotland, who love it! x

  2. aza December 14, 2010 at 11:06 pm #

    Best post yet. You don’t get much of these kinda blogs directed towards us guys. I definitely think you should do a regular post towards us guys least one a week/month. It would be extremely helpful.

    P.S. that gadgets one is ace.

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