Winter Fairy flower press

2 Dec

What could be better than keeping some of your favourite flowers forever? Nothing I believe, for this homemade artwork I chose a fuschia shade of flower (which I think may belong to the heather family.) It’s not important how colourful the plant is though, it’s all about texture and this plant was brimming with it. The frame I picked up in one of my favourite local charity shops for 79p.

Perfectly pressed fairy flowers

Perfectly pressed fairy flowers

Inspiration:The ethereal photographic stylings of Miss Terra Kate, Wordsworth & the romantics, ferns and forest creatures, texture, vintage upon vintage and the vast plethora of rainbow colours nature produces.

Hey presto

Project:This usually works best when your beautiful flowers or leaves are on the verge of death (that way they are all dried out and won’t mould amongst the book pages.) You will need to place the petals or flower heads inside a folded piece of A4 paper – this is to protect the book pages. Using a hardback thick book, place the pressed plant life in the centre pages. You can either pile a load of books and magazines on top to create lots of pressure, or if you’re lucky enough to have a book shelf compact the books together tightly creating the same effect. I chose to leave my flowers inside my D.I.Y press for around 2-3 weeks. By now the plants will be flat as pancakes – and you can place them freely behind the glass of your pretty picture frame, hang high and proud.

Like an open book

Like an open book

TOPTIP:Try to avoid the temptation of peeking at its progress, it will blossom in its own time. Use a rustic, wooden frame for an authentic country cottage effect. Then sit back with a cuppa and admire its beauty. This is a great present for nostalgic daydreamers.

Wuthering heights & Law and Government

Here are some fabulous snaps from the Chelsea Flower show earlier this year to get you excited about nature:


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