3D Letter stocking filler

30 Nov

On one of my usual craft shop adventures I came across a bunch of 3D letters (£2.99 each – craftyarts.co.uk.) The boyfriend

Pretty present

doesn’t tend to have many colourful items or statement pieces in his room – so I thought this might be the perfect stocking filler to brighten up his boudoir.

Inspiration:The hulk, primary school arts & crafts, anthrapologie.com, statement decorations, bright bold & beautiful colours, and lime green grass.

Project: Mix up a solution that is 3 parts PVA craft glue and one part water, stir until this is smooth. Using two large sheets of tissue paper, cut half in to long strips and the other half in to small squares to fill small area’s and fill patches. Get messy, spreading the PVA solution on to the surface slap on the tissue and add additional PVA solution on top. Repeat this process until you have covered the entire surface with at least two layers of tissue paper. Leave to dry and go over any patchy areas. You can leave the letter blank, or paint spots, stripes, love hearts or special words and sayings on to the dry surface.

PVA & tissue paper

TOPTIP: Because the solution is PVA based it will dry quickly, so move fast but steady (the letter should dry overnight.) Hang up with a length of string and a drawing pin, and away from any walls.

Hang 'em high


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