Embroidered tree decoration

29 Nov

After my impulse purchase of 6 flexi-hoops on the internet. They were delivered, and until now I didn’t have much of a use for them – They average at around £3-4 for 6 flexi hoops.

"Christmas tree oh Christmas tree!"

Inspiration:Red and green Christmas colours, fonts and typography, Ron Weasley’s Jumper.

Project:Begin by placing the embroidery fabric in the flexi frame, and clip it in place. (Trim with scissors any excess fabric peering out the sides.) With a fabric pen trace your desired letter and style of font – for more than one letter choose a really simple font to stitch, for just one letter go for a calligraphy based font. using a simple free running stitch, build up the volume of the embroidery go over any large gaps. I framed my letter with one line of running stitches around the outside.

Easy peasy tree decoration

TOPTIP:I used a darning thread for the embroidery, it takes less time and is a nice thick cotton texture, alternatively you could use a large needle and yarn thread for a simple star pattern, instead of a letter. Keep the colours bold and statement, for a great festive impact.

Here’s how the pro’s do it – a video of such a beautiful but effective stitch pattern:


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