Contemporary Christmas tree

29 Nov

Somehow it seems like this has been the coldest winter, ever. So to warm my cockles, save some much needed space and get me in the Christmas mood – it was only right to forge a ‘contemporary’ Christmas tree.

X-mas birdie

Inspiration:Changing trees, fantasy forests, raindrops, lovebirds, withered hands & Christmas cheer.

Project:You can grab hold of some frosted branches, crystalised branches or L.E.D branches from most UK supermarkets or decorating stores, or even from your own back garden. The name of the game is get hold of sturdy branches around a meter in length – they will sit horizontally against your wall. Push two drawing pins in to the wall above where you want the festive twigs to hang, grab some see-through sewing thread from your sewing box (string works just as well) make two hoops holding up the branch at either end, double knot and hang from the drawing pins. (You may need two sets of hands for this.)

TOPTIP:You might want to make paper snowflakes and hang them all over the branches. Also try and hand this piece on a wall that is almost completely bare – that way you’ll have a festive focal point with minimum effort.

B & W lovebird

Contemporary tree


One Response to “Contemporary Christmas tree”

  1. emmaglanfield December 7, 2010 at 11:23 am #

    This is gorgeous. I want one of these on my wall 🙂

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