Twisted Autumn poetess hair

18 Nov

The cold is starting to bite. So here’s an easy way to continue to look creative with minial effort.

Hair twists & heather

Inspiration:It’s also a D.I.Y. triumph that requires no money at all. Inspired by the dreams and whimsical landscapes of young Belgian born photographer ‘Charlotte Boeyden‘, the key themes for this style are – femininity, poetesses, fairies and la vie boheme. Pre-raphaelite paintings are always a good reference when looking to achieve a unique bohemian edge. (Sadly Sienna Miller’s stylist did not invent this look.)

Project:Grab the hair above your right ear and begin to twist and gather in the middle, following it all the way to back of your head pin this to keep it secure for a minute. Copy this on the left side, then grab both the twisted sections and tie in a slouchy bun (high bun for high impact, low bun for a relaxed poetess look.) Pin down the edges of the bun so it appears as though you’ve gone to more effort.

TOPTIP:Tease out baby curls at the nape of your neck, and in front of your ears. This way you’ll have more texture and achieve the bohemian vibe better.


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