Amsterdam Vintage

16 Nov

Amsterdam vintage wasn’t just in a select part of town, it was all over the streets.

I Am Amsterdam

Vintage shops dedicated themselves entirely to their theme. In my favourite vintage shop it was unreservedly transformed in to a 40’s/50’s mini-maison. Tiny attic stairs led up to hard leather bound suitcases bursting with silk scarves and quaint pointy shoes (perfect for jiving I assume.)

The award for best vibe in a vintage boutique has to go to ‘Joosje‘ of Spuistraat. They were playing the wonderful soul stylings of ‘Rox – Memoirs’ album (who this year gigged in Amsterdam) – the shop workers were impeccabley styled in 50’s loveliness and they couldn’t do more to help me.

Lady in red at Joosje

Rox - Memoirs

For this late Summer trip (September) grey, beige and crisp white were primary colours for mature professionals. With youngsters in vintage however, it was pretty lace cinched in with hard-faced Levi cut-offs, or all-out Christmas jumpers with piercings and plugs.

The whole of the city were on bikes, with the odd motor vehicle getting in the way. Stay in one spot too long, and you’re sure to get mowed down by a Pashley.

What most amazed me was seeing women racing about the streets on bicycles –  in tea dresses and heels (whilst on the phone of course.)

Amsterdam river view

The best antiques and vintage in Amsterdam are within a huge open air market in ‘Waterlooplein‘ – it’s all there, from record collections, and old letter presses, to vintage clothes or handmade jewellery.

Amsterdam is such a fantastically beautiful juxtaposition of style and sleaze. The vintage scene is most certainly more nostalgic towards the 70’s than the UK. In a lot of cafe’s and vintage haunts the psychedelic wallpaper, art deco furnishings, and wacky rugs are all tell tale signs of a love affair with the Osmonds. Whereas London vintage is taking a post-WWII nostalgia moment.

Joosje stock VICE mag


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