Manchester Vintage Scene

8 Nov

Manchester Piccadilly station

My snapshot at Manchester vintage starts at Piccadilly station – it’s either vintage accents like; brooches or faux fur coats, or vintage sports luxe ensembles. It’s interesting how much ‘Vintage’ unites the UK it seems vintage wear has one single voice, and it’s saying faux fur & eyeliner at the moment.

I’d certainly say London takes vintage to a whole different level – guys and girls can live eat sleep and drink vintage on Brick Lane and it’s taken very seriously. Whereas Manchester tends to chic it up (if you’re older) or grunge it down with illustrator-inspired t-shirts (fuelled by the Northern Quarter.)

Pretty flea market Tea dress

The sweetest flea market on the way to Affleck’s Palace (Camden-Town in a bottle) played host to handmade jackets and dresses, and a few handpicked vintage pieces.

Afflecks Palace vintage scene impressed me somewhat, there are about three boutiques I found particularly fabulous my favourite was Pop Boutique, who also have shops in London, Liverpool and Sweden. I even snapped up a fantastic felt khaki hat (which received a few compliements in lectures today.)

Mellow yellow vintagery

The main event however was ‘Vintage Threads‘  held in Manchester’s Triangle shopping centre. It was steeped in forest creature prints, 50’s frames and jewel’s, and designer jems (I got some light brown silk sailor trousers by Jaeger), here’s a snapshot of the finds and stall holders.

Keep up to date with ‘Vintage Threads’ events in Manchester, or alternatively there’s ‘Late night Vintage’ on at the Shipping forecast in Liverpool (First Thursday of each month.)


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