Kirstie’s homemade Home – must watch!

8 Nov

pic:Naveen Roy

This isn’t just a biased view of a handicraft nut (well it is a little) but Kirstie Allsopp is so very charming, you can’t help but follow her blindly on this arts & craft escapade.

She attends antique fairs, makes stained glass windows, and curtains; it’s all such an interesting journey. The first episode depicts a young couple from Wolverhampton, the woman has a need for all things antique and can’t stop buying, and the man is a practical fellow but shares the same tastes.

However, it’s not all frills and crocheting, there is a good measure of cast iron forging for all the daredevils out there; in this section of the episode the couple create their own stylised book ends (with the help of a blacksmith.)

Ultimately it’s a great watch, and a great ideal to have when perhaps we don’t have too much money to splash out on homeware and nik naks. It’s a great message, and one I’m trying to throw out there with the use of this blog. ‘Make do and mend’!

The programme airs on Tuesday’s at 8pm (channel 4.)  Five sparkling episodes to come.


One Response to “Kirstie’s homemade Home – must watch!”

  1. Sarah November 10, 2010 at 10:30 am #

    This is a lovely piece, and a great way to promote the programme! I watched the one that was on last night and it is truly charming. So many great tips for people on a tight budget!

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