Green button pom poms

4 Nov

Inspiration:Sonia Rykiel’s A/W ’10 runway show had football sized pom poms resting effortlessly on heads, of course they were earthy seasonal shades of racing car green and clay brown.


Project:It made me yearn for texture amongst my cotton based tops and jeans for Autumn.

Flat button pom poms (which I’d never made before) seemed a clever choice so that the jumper didn’t look too bulky: The process was fairly simple, wrap the thin green wool round your finger until it is spongy to touch, tie a tight double knot around through the middle of the two fingers and spread out the loops of yarn. I decided to carry on the ‘power dressing’ trends of summer and sewed them to the shoulders of my jumper, however – you can tie them to rings to make statement jewellery, attach them to string and make a headband tie, or sew as random spots on your jumper for a wonderfully cheesy Christmas feel.

The outcome is a beautiful textured autumnal flower/button pom pom.


TOPTIP:Too many loops and you’ll cut off your circulation! Easy does it, but have fun – they look great if they’re all different sizes.


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