Bookworm lantern bunting

4 Nov

Inspiration:Halloween pumpkin shapes, antique browning book pages, typography, contemporary bunting.

Lantern bunting in lamplight

Project:There are three different buntings dotted around my student house (two of which are in my bedroom) but I wanted an alternative to the fallback ‘stretched triangle’. I took an old charity shop book – which my heart was never really set on reading (let’s be honest) cut five horizontal strips accross the pages (6 pages thick) make a small hole at one end, to feed the string through, knotting it either side to secure it. Graduated a curved effect with the strips, holding the ends at different lengths and staple to secure.

Here's what you'll need chaps

Securing each end of string to the wall I tied floppy bows for aesthetic and practial reasons (easier to masking tape to the wall with gathered string.)


TOPTIP:With bunting, buttons and sometimes friends odd numbers always look better – even numbers always look too contrived, and you won’t get a perfect droop in your line of bunting.

Lantern eye

Hang over the head of your bed to ensure bookworm dreams of Alice in Wonderland, love stories and lengthy chats with Stephen Fry.


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